Tantra, Practice, Experience

In science, one applies approved methods to achieve a certain outcome. If one wants to develop new methods, they experiment until they find what works, then relay the information to others.

Tantra is an identical process, although it works on the plane that science struggles to grasp, the spiritual or metaphysical plane of conscious beings.

If you practice a certain tantric technique in the correct way, you will generally be able to achieve the results that the tantra describes, as long as you understand and have crossed the thresholds present in any preliminary practices.

In this way, one doesn’t usually follow the path out of blind faith, but rather, does so because of the direct experience of that which the tantra describes. Without putting the methods into practice and without direct experience, there can be no hope of achieving the described outcome of a tantric text or teaching.

No matter how much one reads about a topic of activity like meditation or tantra, if the material is not practiced and experienced, it will remain a distant, exotic fancy for one to flirt with.

May all sentient beings look inward and experience mind in its raw state.

Hailaz / Namaste

-Ansuz Society

Non-Profit Approval

Last year, during the time between Samhain and the November Full Moon, we carried out a 9 day ritual which covered many different aspects of reverence and renewal.

On the evening of the full moon, we concluded ritual operations by dropping off our letter for non profit approval at the local post office. Since then, we have been waiting patiently for the process to unfold.

Today, we finally found out that we are indeed approved by the state of New York to operate as a not-for-profit corporation. This opens up many doors for the future and will give us the opportunity to put together more events to benefit all.

Our purpose and dream for this project since the beginning was to create a space for all beings to practice on this path; a spiritual center that can be a source of refuge whether one is near or far. Whether Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, or nondenominational, we aim to create a Sangha of practicing individuals with mutual respect and understanding for one another.

We are very happy to share this news with you.

May all beings thrive.

Hailaz / Namaste

-Ansuz Society


Cernunnos/Hurnaz represents the spirit, soul, or incarnation of the forest itself. Unlike most gods, which fill an archetypal form congruent to their other roles, Cernunnos isn’t necessarily one that the practitioner aspires to be(come), but rather, a spirit one asks for protection, aid, and blessings from. Our idol stands at the edge of our property where things are considered “ordered,” representing the liminal space between the safety of the homestead and the inherent dangers of the wilderness. With this in mind, and within a Germanic context, we see Cernunnos representing an older, ancient, natural “Jotun” or “Wight” type of spirit; one that we must form a relationship with if we want to have a completely unified connection and understanding of the forest and all of its life forms.

It is here we bring the dead we find and offer fruits and other foods for the wildlife, the children (and embodiment) of the forest. Cernunnos represents all landavetter and spirits residing in the mysterious woods.

This god, as all others, has many different venerative systems, especially based on where it is you are practicing. If in a more urban setting, one might view this god as the Roman’s or civilized Gaul’s did, as a fertility and commerce god. If in the rural or farther reaches of society, one might have a more direct relationship with this god as the embodiment of the forest, as one by the sea would visualize the entirety of the ocean as Poseidon or Njord. Likewise, many cultures practiced this type of veneration in association with their geographical surroundings. Volcanoes, mountains, forests, lakes, oceans, etc., all embodied a certain god form inherent within them. This is where polytheism and animism overlap, forming the mindset of many of our ancestors prior to Christianity.

May we all venerate the great spirits of nature.

Goþa Fara (Spring Equinox 2023)

We are happy to bring you this new song “Goþa Fara” on this beautiful and auspicious Spring Equinox.

‘Goþa Fara’ is a Gothic phrase meaning, “have a good journey,” and is meant here as a blessing to all beings embarking on new journeys, whether in life or in death.

This song, in particular, is dedicated to my Grandfather, who passed away this month at 94 years old, still standing tall.

May his travels be light and swift.

To all those who are honoring the Dawn goddess today, may these words bring benefit:

Hailaz Austrō, great goddess of Spring,

Lady of light, and slayer of darkness.

May our offerings encourage your loving guidance,

On this equal day and equal night;

Your affluent heat, and cosmic glow,

The gifts of prosperity, among us all.

We give to you, this song of praise,

Exchange our devotion for longer days.

Hailaz / Namaste

-Ansuz Society

Lord of the Wind

We’ve added a new song to the channel titled “Lord of the Wind.”

This is a devotional song to the All-Father, Odin. 

“…Holding wisdom old as time,

Elder god of masks and rhymes, 

Flames rise to lick the sky,

Send our gifts to those on high…”

May all beings benefit. 

Hailaz / Namaste 

-Ansuz Society 

Gautis Fraujō (Lady of Gaut)

We’re very happy to bring you this new song dedicated to the goddess Frigga/Freyja.

Although debated, we hold the belief that Freyja and Frigga are two faces of the same goddess; Freyja being a later form of the goddess with various versions of Frigga preceding her throughout the Germanic speaking world.

Some of these names include the Proto-Germanic Frawjǭ, Gothic Fraujō, and Old English Frōwe.All of these are titles designating a noble woman and translate to “Lady”, as one would call their king “Lord.”

Gautis Fraujō, therefor, can be read as The Lady of Gaut, or, the Wife of Odin.

We hope this short Gothic language prayer will be of use to your practice and that it brings you closer to this divine essence.

May all beings be embraced and nourished by her great love and beauty.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered January 2023 at Ansuz Society, Western New York.

All music and sounds by Ansuz Society.

Society Priorities

Our mission is to aid and facilitate spiritual development within the sphere of our ancestral religions.

When it comes to socio-political matters, we believe it is up to each individual to make those decisions on their own.

We believe the body is a shell, concealing our true essence beneath. This essence transcends terrestrial limits.

In this way, the space we provide is meant to remove your attachment to the flesh, letting your spirit flourish; undistracted by the noise of the outside world.

We believe in living an ascetic lifestyle and are first and foremost concerned with humanities liberation, one person at a time.

Please, do not approach us if looking for a place to voice your political opinions, whether right or left, as we have nothing to offer in this regard.

Hailaz / Namaste

-Ansuz Society