Goþa Fara (Spring Equinox 2023)

We are happy to bring you this new song “Goþa Fara” on this beautiful and auspicious Spring Equinox.

‘Goþa Fara’ is a Gothic phrase meaning, “have a good journey,” and is meant here as a blessing to all beings embarking on new journeys, whether in life or in death.

This song, in particular, is dedicated to my Grandfather, who passed away this month at 94 years old, still standing tall.

May his travels be light and swift.

To all those who are honoring the Dawn goddess today, may these words bring benefit:

Hailaz Austrō, great goddess of Spring,

Lady of light, and slayer of darkness.

May our offerings encourage your loving guidance,

On this equal day and equal night;

Your affluent heat, and cosmic glow,

The gifts of prosperity, among us all.

We give to you, this song of praise,

Exchange our devotion for longer days.

Hailaz / Namaste

-Ansuz Society

Lord of the Wind

We’ve added a new song to the channel titled “Lord of the Wind.”

This is a devotional song to the All-Father, Odin. 

“…Holding wisdom old as time,

Elder god of masks and rhymes, 

Flames rise to lick the sky,

Send our gifts to those on high…”

May all beings benefit. 

Hailaz / Namaste 

-Ansuz Society 

Frau Holle

Frau Holle is a sprit of the woodland, lakes and ponds. A “spinster” and figure of reward and punishment.

She visits our dwellings during the winter months, often during the Twelve-Nights of Yule.

If the chores at home are not completed or if simple tasks are neglected, she appears as an ugly, old, disheveled witch with a fiery tongue and burning gaze. She will bestow chaos on the homestead.

If she finds that the home is orderly, that all tasks have been done, she appears as an ethereal figure dressed in flowing white. Frau Holle will then hand out gifts from her kitchen and garden – nuts and apples, fruits of the earth and baked goods.

Frau Holle has gone by many names in Germanic Mythology, including Mother Earth, Perchta, Odin’s Wife, Berchta, Frigg and several more.

The rolling fog is said to be the smoke from Frau Holle’s hearth. When she bakes, the whole sky turns red. On stormy evenings, bolts of lightening are known as Hollenzopf, “Holle’s braids,” revealing her long white hair.

In winter, she shakes her bedcovers and down pillows, filling the air with feathers which causes it to snow.

-Ansuz Society