Non-Profit Approval

Last year, during the time between Samhain and the November Full Moon, we carried out a 9 day ritual which covered many different aspects of reverence and renewal.

On the evening of the full moon, we concluded ritual operations by dropping off our letter for non profit approval at the local post office. Since then, we have been waiting patiently for the process to unfold.

Today, we finally found out that we are indeed approved by the state of New York to operate as a not-for-profit corporation. This opens up many doors for the future and will give us the opportunity to put together more events to benefit all.

Our purpose and dream for this project since the beginning was to create a space for all beings to practice on this path; a spiritual center that can be a source of refuge whether one is near or far. Whether Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, or nondenominational, we aim to create a Sangha of practicing individuals with mutual respect and understanding for one another.

We are very happy to share this news with you.

May all beings thrive.

Hailaz / Namaste

-Ansuz Society

Lord of the Wind

We’ve added a new song to the channel titled “Lord of the Wind.”

This is a devotional song to the All-Father, Odin. 

“…Holding wisdom old as time,

Elder god of masks and rhymes, 

Flames rise to lick the sky,

Send our gifts to those on high…”

May all beings benefit. 

Hailaz / Namaste 

-Ansuz Society