Ansuz Society

The Ansuz Society is a new expression of old traditions, focusing on re-establishing a connection between the East and West through various techniques such as sound, mantra/galdr, meditation, yoga, animistic philosophy, and devotion to the divine.

Although we emphasize a dominantly Germanic Pagan religious expression here, we feel that many different paths embody an identical framework towards the enlightenment of sentient beings. Our main goal is to resurrect these deeper practices in the West, as much has been lost due to time and multiple cultural cataclysms. We seek to bridge these gaps by looking to our distantly related and more in-tact religious expressions that have persisted in India, Tibet, and Siberia.

Our mission is to establish community and organization for those who feel drawn to these spiritual paths through positive action, spiritual development, teaching and return to a simpler way of life.

Hailaz / Namaste

-Ansuz Society, Western New York, USA