Beltane / May Day

For those who are interested in May Day/Beltane celebrations:

On Beltane, we uncover our Freyr idol (who is covered at the conclusion of Samhain) and carry him around the land in a small mock-wagon.

After this, we return Lord Freyr (Ingwaz/Fraujaz/Frodi) to his place on the land where offerings are made for his blessings and gifts.

We will conclude by performing a small purification rite in order to clear obstructions of body, mind, and spirit.

We will also host some small (less formal) activities over the weekend, get in touch if you want to facilitate something or plan a meeting.

Regarding “events”,

Although we would like to include everyone in these celebrations, we must be cautious with how many people we involve on sacred days. We feel that by being honest about this, it will deter confusion and/or people coming here for the “wrong reasons.”

We ask that only serious practitioners are present for main ritual functions in order to preserve the sanctity of the experience for those involved. Everyone has a job to do and no one should be looking to “hang out” or simply be entertained.

We dedicate this time of the year entirely to the Lord of Peace and Prosperity in hopes that all beings receive blessings of health, growth, and light.

If this sounds like something that interests you and/or your family, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Hopefully in the near future we can have more hands available to accommodate more folks, but until then, we can only do so much.

Hailaz / Namaste

-Ansuz Society

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