Information for Summer 2023

Shrines, altars, trails, and meditation areas are open to visitors daily by request. If you want to visit the grounds, please feel free to reach out. 

This project is aimed at giving individuals the space and environment necessary to develop themselves spiritually. This is something we feel is desperately needed in our society, as people are usually unable to practice in any meaningful way due to their living circumstances. 

In the past, we’ve been fortunate enough to frequent other places dedicated to the development of human beings on a spiritual level, such as Self Realization centers, Vedanta Societies, Meditation Centers, Monasteries, and Pagan holy grounds. 

Because of these places dedicating themselves to the benefit of others, countless individuals are given innumerable opportunities to grow, learn ways to cultivate feelings of well being, and overcome negative tendencies. We feel all sentient beings must have space for this. 

We’ll be setting up a membership program this summer for folks who want to consistently be a part of things here. This is to form a family of people who feel passionately about assisting in the creation of space for this purpose. Eventually, we want the Ansuz Society to be a family with similar values, driven by the inspiration of those involved in its’ efforts.

Regarding personal interaction with shrines and altars:

We encourage you to practice as you feel appropriate. Personal offerings to deities and natural sites are absolutely acceptable, we just ask you to please not take anything off of the shrines or altars. 

May all beings thrive.

Hailaz / Namaste 

-Ansuz Society 

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