Awareness, Samsara, and Meditation

The fact that there will always exist a present moment is a point of permanence one can take solace in.

Past and future are littered with attachments and desires, polluted by expectations and other products of our ignorance like fear, anxiety, etc.

Whether we know it or not, these afflictions are the causes of our suffering, keeping us “fettered” in a state of constant flux, away from the present moment.

Although this is the case, it isn’t something that we need to be upset about. This is just the nature of living within the confines of endless change, the endless spinning of Samsara that all beings are subject to.

One thing that doesn’t change in our experience, however, is the primordial state of awareness regarding the here and now. Minds natural state of naked clarity. Like the center of a wheel, true nature of mind is fixed in place no matter how fast the rest of its parts may be going.

When one can reach this realization and become familiar with it, they can observe their minds’ habits and patterns more easily,  removing obstacles, worries, and distractions with consistent practice. One can begin to sever problems from their roots.

This is a method to liberate one from Samsara and achieve a state of samadhi, free of time and space. A tiny glimpse of this pure “enlightenment” is enough to shatter our many delusions and make us strive to practice with more vigor and dedication.

To reach that place within that doesn’t change, is to escape the motion that the “Wheel of Life/Wheel of Becoming” represents, giving one a sense of peace that doesn’t exist in any materially found means.

If we can learn to rest in this experience of present awareness, we can observe all phenomenon that arise in our experience without attaching ourselves to them, giving us a a sense of well-being, freedom and love.

May all sentient beings find a place of unchanging peace within.

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